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Colorful braids – fashionable braids

Braids took over fashion a few seasons ago. They also reign supreme in the present one, not only on the catwalks, but also in everyday styling. Fashionable braids are very original hairstyles that can be conjured up at home.


Colorful braids – braided braid in the Slavic style

Slavic braids returned to fashion some time ago, when Cleo presented herself on stage in them. Then we fell in love with the braided hairstyles that emphasize girly charm and beauty. We often associate braids with the highlander style and tradition, where women weave them and make buns of them. The braids fit perfectly into the fashion trends and match practically everything. Braiding a braid is not as difficult as it seems. On the Internet you will find a lot of tutorials that show you step by step how to make a fashionable and effective hairstyle.


Colorful braids – loosely braided braids

The boho style, which has been with us for a long time, is characterized by airiness, lightness and a reference to naturalness. Lots of feminine accents in it. Therefore, the loosely braided braids perfectly emphasize the boho style. Making a loose braid does not require special skills. All we need to do is weave the braid loosely and the hairstyle will look a bit tousled or casually done.


Colorful braids – woven into the hair

For some time now, braids with artificial colorful braids or ribbons have also become very fashionable. Blue, pink or orange strands woven into braids have been and still are a hit not only among stars or influencers, but they are especially loved by blonde hair owners. It is not at all difficult to make such colored braids. We simply weave colorful strands into the braids, which at the same time can extend our hair. This hairstyle is impressive.